Company Profile
A.M.P.K. Greentex Ltd. is a manufacturing company in a family ownership, specializing in manufacturing and marketing finished products from non-woven fabrics (fabric substitutes) for a wide range of uses.
The company was established in 2002 by the head of the family, Mr. Yehoshua Krempel, an expert on non-woven textile with over 30 years of experience in the field.
Our expertise is in locating unique raw materials from the best manufacturers in Israel and globally, in developing and processing them into finished products and in creating solutions to the unique needs of our clients, based on their requirements.
We can create and supply a variety of solutions, tailor-made to each client and each requirement, which enable private branding to large clients.
Among our products:
  •   Single use table cloths for hosting, creation products, covering stages and sets.
  •   Complementary products in the field of cosmetics, esthetics and medicine.
  •   Multi-purpose ecological cloths, fat absorbers, fabric substitutes for polishing.
  •   Cheese cloths and sacs for dairy farms, cloths and filter sleeves for dairy farms.
  •   Single use clothing for industrial purposes, clean rooms and laboratories.
We believe that the personal, reliable and professional service, our quality products, the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over the years, will enable responding to each and every request and requirement by the client.
Our products are widely distributed nationwide up to the location of the business, and are found in marketing chains, pharm chains, cosmetics institutions and spas, single use product stores, public institutions, industrial factories, dairy farms and private households.

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